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Viora's CORETM - a proprietary multi-channel radiofrequency technology is incorporated within a variety of Viora's leading medical aesthetic devices. CORETM technology gives you painless, shorter treatment sessions, while delivering results that can be seen.

Cellulite Reduction: With cellulite affecting over 85% of the female population, there’s an ongoing quest by women to do something about it. And this pursuit in improving our appearance is not limited to cellulite reduction. Most women also want to help nature by reducing an excess curve here or there.

ST: Over time, with age, our skin has a natural tendency to sag and lose elasticity. In addition, nature isn’t necessarily our friend as external factors like sun exposure and other environmental pollution influence our skin’s building blocks. Adding insult to injury, smoking also plays havoc with our skin’s condition.

ReFit: When we gain weight, our skin expands and re-modulates to accommodate the excess fat underneath. Losing a lot of weight quickly, whether via diet, exercise, childbirth or surgery, the skin remains enlarged, leading to redundant skin and stretch marks.

ReLift: With age and gravity, the appearance of fatty jowls takes it toll on our skin. This can result in the loss of skin tissue, making you look older than you actually are.

ReVive: If you’re suffering from stretched and lax vulval tissue, whether from childbirth, genetics, trauma, age or loss of weight, Viora has a non-surgical solution that can help you. ReVive from Viora corrects labial laxity, tightening the skin tissue folds, painlessly and effectively, with no anesthesia or downtime.

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