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 RELAX formula has been developed to help aid people with anxiety, muscle tension or migraine headaches. As a secondary benefit, RELAX may also assist the body in secreting growth hormone. Our proprietary blend promotes relaxation, mental awareness and detoxification. 

The following health benefits have been associated with its ingredients: 

  • Vasodilation resulting in lower blood pressure

  • Increase in secretion of HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

  • Improved mental function

  • Detoxification

  • Reduction in anxiety

  • Increased glucose metabolism

Ingredients and their Roles

  • Magnesium: A mineral and essential nutrient found in the body.  Magnesium is vital for the proper functioning of hundreds of enzymes. May cause vasodilation which can help lower blood pressure and studies have suggested that magnesium therapy may help prevent or relieve headaches. 

  • GABA: An amino acid that can be beneficial in calming nervous activity. Several studies have linked elevated levels of GABA to an increase in secretion of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). 

  • Taurine: An Amino acid that has been linked to improved mental function, reduced anxiety and promoting a detoxifying effect in the body. It is found in large amounts in the brain, retina, heart, and blood platelets. Studies have shown taurine is effective in treating diabetes by increasing glucose metabolism. 

  • Theanine: An Amino acid most commonly found in green tea, is a natural remedy for reducing physical and mental stress and anxiety. Studies have shown theanine makes one feel relaxed without causing sleepiness. 

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